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Are you looking for treatment
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We know making a medical decision can be sometimes difficult. With a seamless approach and competent & qualified team we will walk with you through the journey.

We do it fast, make it simple and treat you well.

MediFly looks after you like family

  • Consult and select the best hospital/doctor for treatment options to meet your needs
    • Making a decision on where to be treated and by whom is always difficult.
    • We will help you choose the best treatments by selecting the most suitable hospital and doctor. Our medical panel has extensive experience in providing advise for patients all over the world.
  • Full travel arrangement for your trip, including booking air ticket, charter flight, hotel, ground transportation, visa services, travel Insurance, medical escort
    • There are so many arrangements to be made before traveling. We understand you need to have a peace of mind and focus on getting well.
    • Medifly is a one stop service that will make all the arrangements for you and your family so you can travel comfortably. We have the highest level of service standards and will facilitate your journey smoothly.
  • Language support with medical translator
    • We understand the importance of communication in a foreign country. Let us take care of that for you
    • Medifly provides professional medical translators for all major languages
  • Full supervision your medical treatment at the selected hospital
    • We recognize the concerns of a patient seeking treatment, especially in a foreign land.
    • We will walk with you every step of the way, accompanied by our patient care managers who will always be beside you.
  • Leisure arrangements
    • There’s always the opportunity to spend some time to rest and relax after your treatment. After all, maybe a celebration or some reflection
    • Together with our leisure partners, we will arrange that you get the best pampering and relaxation
  • Follow up care and support post treatment
    • There will be a need sometimes for a follow-up visit to the Doctor, or a review of some reports
    • We will look after this for you by making the most suitable arrangements for you, whichever is best for you

Health Screening

Health Screening Program for Women

General Wellness Screening
Cancer Screening
Disease Screening
Genetics and Genomics Screening
Specially Designed Screening Package

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Health Screening Program for Men

General Wellness Screening
Cancer Screening
Disease Screening
Genetics and Genomics Screening
Specially Designed Screening Package

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Personalized Wellness Program

Our modern lives are affected by many sources of toxins and stress which can affect our body’s normal functions – from the foods we eat, the personal body products we use, the air we breathe, and from stress, we do not function optimally. We also are faced with the possibility of acquiring diseases and conditions, that may be a a part of our genetics.

Our qualified and experienced staff are equipped with everything you need to experience a safe, supervised and effective personalized wellness program at the best health & wellness centres around the world. They can help to guide participants towards a better lifestyle, and help them regain their vitality and wellness.

Individuals with the following symptoms may benefit from these programs:


Highly busy and stressful lifestyle
Unexplained aches and pains
Frequent fatigue
Difficulty losing weight
Difficulty sleeping
Chronic illness

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We do it fast, make it simple and treat you well !

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