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Better Being Hospital is a specialist private hospital dedicated to the treatment of chronic diseases. We have particular success in diseases with the metabolic immunological and neurological basis.
The hospital is based on the principles of Functional Medicine which guides the treatment of each and every chronic illness patient, and designed as an Integrative Centre, where many different treatment modalities can be provided under one roof, aiming at therapeutic lifestyle changes to cure the causes of chronic illness, under the supervision of an experienced Functional Medicine Physician. Some may also call this Functional Medicine or personalized genomic medicine as “P4 Medicine”, inscribing their cardinal characteristics to be “personalized,” “predictive,” “preventive,” and “participatory.” Modafinil without prescription

Better Being Hospital has an extensive range of Predictive Genetic Testing, Proactive Functional Laboratory Testing, Restorative and Rejuvenative Treatment services that are available to those either suffering from, or concerned about chronic and degenerative diseases. Specialist laboratory testing is available for diagnosing, monitoring and helping prevent and predict the risk of chronic illness.
Better Being Hospital services include specialist consultations, nutritional consultation, nutritional supplementation, hormonal replacement, physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other treatment programs, including both in-patient intensive programs and outpatient programs. Order modafinil online
Better Being Hospital exists purely to help those most in need, especially those who have tried conventional treatments and who still require more answers or help, yet demand a scientific basis to their treatment programs.

At Better Being Hospital, we believe all chronic disease is treatable.

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